Shucking oysters!

Shellfish fundi Marco Pinchot explains how.

Squid cleaning 101

Should you be fortunate enough to get hold of fresh squid this Holiday Season, this is how to turn a whole squid into calamari morsels.

Tips on cleaning black mussels

Mussels are tasty, and easy to prepare provided you know what you're doing. Who better to teach you than Rick Stein?

Slicing Tuna for Sashimi and Sushi

Watch how an expert carves a Tuna loin.

How to fillet a Tuna

Watch a real pro go about his business...

How to divide a chicken into joints

Learn how to do it with Delia Smith-like precision

Rehydrating Salt Cod

This is the most important step in cooking Bacalhao/Morue

Jamie Oliver's Gravlax

The Naked Chef at his best!

Semi-deboning a Quail

The lovely Stacey makes it look so easy!

Foraging for Mushrooms

The Greedy Italian Gennaro Contaldo shows us how.

Cleaning a Gurnard

These strange-looking fish are actually very easy to clean.

How to clean a freshwater eel

Watch Ken Beam do it al fresco!

Preparing artichokes

Chef Craig from LeGourmet TV shows us how.

How to skin & de-bone salmon or trout

Gordon (F-word) Ramsay shows you how.

Filleting soft, elongated fish (e.g. hake, geelbek, king mackerel)

Once you've mastered filleting a fish as delicate as hake, you will be able to fillet all others!

Cleaning & prepping Squid

The world-famous seafood chef Rick Stein makes it look so easy!

How to debone and butterfly Leg of Lamb

A step-by-step demonstration by Jamie Oliver's butcher.

How to dress Sole

It's a lot easier than you think!