Make your own Paneer

Easy-peasy to make, and good for you too!

Turducken: WTFucken is that?

It's a lot easier to make than you think...

Linking pork sausages or cabanossi

Learn how to make professional-looking sausage links.

How to carve a shoulder of lamb

It looks difficult, but lamb shoulder is actually a very easy joint to carve.

How to pickle chillies

With autumn nearly upon us, be sure to preserve some hot stuff...

Make your own biltong

Ben Kruger of "Binnelanders" fame shares his expertise

How to make your own pizza

Keith Floyd and a giggly assistant show us how

Carving a Turkey

This is a task many men dread. Chef Cameron Ballendine shows us how to do it properly.

Shaping a Quenelle

The ever-charming Chef Andre Soltner explains...

How to tea smoke salmon

This is how the lovely Annabel Langbein does it.

Wrapping Dolmades like a real Greek

Chef Michelle Ordever makes it look so easy!

How to serve Antipasti like a pro

Antipasti as enjoyed by real Italians!

How to carve a Prime Rib Roast

Watch a pro do it - you can too!

Bunny Chow: the real taste of Durban

As made by real Indians...

How to make your own natural yoghurt

Who better to teach us than New Zealand's hottest chef, Annabel Langbein?

How to fold spring rolls like a pro

A skillful Oriental chef shows just how simple it really is.

How to make a classical Argentine Empanada

Over to budding TV chef Felicitas Pizarro..

How to make Tempura batter

Let Curtis Stone, the Aussie celebrity chef, show you how.

How to make perfect crispy chips

Heston Blumenthal is one of the top "scientific" chefs around. Let him show you how to make French fries that will have guests asking for more.

How to make & use your own hot smoker

Hugh from "River Cottage" shows us how quickly & easy this can be done.

How to fold samoosas prefectly

It's so easy, even I got the hang of it!

Making home-made pasta without a pasta press

It's easier than you think, and the taste incomparably better than the dried version!

Turn your kettle braai into a smoker!

You'll be amazed at how effective the Weber can be at this...