When La Estancia in Buenos Aires says "mansize" they mean it...

Welcome, Fellow Bon Vivant

If you like travel, good food and drink, and understanding other people and places then you should enjoy your time with me. My aim with this blog is to pay tribute to the people, places and provisions that have enriched my life. To this end, I make the following regular contributions:

  • "What's cooking?" describes dishes I love, and how to cook them.
  • "Louis' Blog" features my thoughts on food and wine.
  • "Memories on a Plate", is a series of monthly anecdotes, and I attach an Afrikaans translation.
  • "Louis' album" depicts the people, places and meals that have enriched my life.
  • "Foodie videos" is a collection of memorable food-centred scenes in movies and celebrity chefs showing us how - with varying degrees of success... 
  • "Learn from experts" consists of video demonstrations of various recipes and techniques.

Your comments and constructive criticism will be welcome.